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Welcome to Scion: Ties that Bind, a campaign of epic stories, heroic sacrifices, and the Blood that drives us to become Gods.

War has come. The Titans have been freed from the Underworld and are ravaging the Heavens and domains of the Gods. The Pantheons, fractured by infighting and petty differences, have begun to call their demi-god children to war, imbuing them with tools and powers far beyond the ken of mortals.

Set in an alternate world, much like our own, Scion details the War and the impact it has on the children of the Gods, or Scions. Caught in a conflict between their divine Parents, and the indestructible Titans, Scions are the ultimate soldier. Infused with godlike powers through their divine ichor, Scions are given mighty relics to fight, to destroy and to once again imprison the Titans in The Underworld. So join us, watch as the mythic cycles unfold, and revel in the wonderful experience of our band of Scions!

Main Page

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