Julian St Clair

Julian st clair

“We burnt the body, divided the ashes, with Merlin guarding some of em and me with some as well. The rest we scattered over the world as we traveled. Lets see the bastard come back now.” Conner McMillian

Julian St. Clair. The final Son of Atlantis, the last Wave Lord. A persistent opponent, and foe to the Gods, St. Clair has made it his life work to overthrow the gods and establish a central Pantheon to rule the Overworld with. Luring groups of Scions to his side, Julian eventually raised Atlantis from the depths of the seas, and using a powerful Legend-fulled weapon began his assault against the gods.

Julian’s plans to overthrow the pantheons were foiled by an assault by the combined might of several demigod bands. Dying at the hands of Ira, Julian was discovered leading a revolt against Hades from The Underworld itself.

Julian St Clair

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