Scion: Ties That Bind

Dmitri and the Ties that Bind
log 1 labyrinth and the underworld

Thanks to some healing for my friends it I could walk under my own power as we traveled through the labyrinth. After some time traveling we came to a building with some nice Greek architecture. We encountered a man who was not in to good of a mood coming out, he is a doctor. after entering we meet the owner of the establishment he is an inverter and was happy to have some company to visit with. It was evident that he didn’t want to talk about how to get out. We didn’t press the matter as there was other things we needed to do before we left anyway. with some investigation we found out about the last bits of the riddle. Much to my surprise the flask to slake thirst never more is an old dried up river. Using my compass we tried to find the location of the Tome of Godly lore. We came to what look like some sore of a grave. After some unsuccessful searching Simon was picked up and carried away by a flying person. The rest of the party was blinded by what tern out to be the wings of this person but they did recover. This kid which turned out to be the son of the man who owns the building in the center of the labyrinth had the Tome of Godly Lore. We got the book when he left to find his toy. Soon after we found out the the way out of the labyrinth was up. On are way out we had a minor skirmish with the kid but it was quickly dealt with, and without hurting the boy.

After leaving the Labyrinth we headed off to enter the underworld. Getting to the river Styx was easier then I thought. The boat man was not hard to get passed what I was not looking forward to was Cerberus. On the other side of the river there was only 1 way to go and not to far down just around a corner we came across Cerberus. It was not fun to be face to face with a 3 headed dog let alone 1 of that size. As it terned out all I needed to do was play fetch with a key. I was tempted to pet Cerberus but decided not to push my luck. after getting past Cerberus and a gate we where in the underworld it looked much nicer then I was expecting. with a little travel we came across a city in about the middle of town there was a large building. At first site I new that was where my dad was, in that building. On are way there we encountered a large spartan looking creature about the size of a house. Not something I want to get hit by. With some work and coordinated effort we took it down and proceeded to the large building at the center of town. There we met my dad Hades the god of the underworld kind of cool really. After bit of bargaining we agreed to do something for him and in return he would give us 1 of the 2 people we came for. Now we need to figure out how to get the other one.

Memoirs of McMillian: Conners War
Memoirs of McMillian: Conners War

Conner, entry 1

I’ll be damned if I go to hell again, literally I mean. “Ye don’t deny the devil a deal, Conner me boy” my uncle used to tell me, “you take the deal and then shoot him in the arse as he walks away thinking he got one over on ya.” Me uncle would then take a big swig of his own made whiskey and laugh like he had caught the pooka in the kitchen red handed. I should have listened to him, I think the devil will be shooting me right square in my arse as I walk away.
I’m a man on quest. A quest for the biggest git that ever was born. My friends and I are going to the underworld and we will be bringing out the love of me heart and a good ol lad along with us. Only the biggest fool would do anything fer a woman, well I am in love and that makes me down right suicidal as it were. Ye have to be in order to go walking down to Hade’s front door of yer own accord. Right now we are sitting down to rest outside of a small place outside of the domicile of Hades, not the most wonderful place to be I might add. We spent the past few days running around like fairies in a forest during a rain storm being chased by the banshee.
It all started when we entered the labyrinth. I must tell you the version that Mr. Henson thought up was bleeding Disneyland next to this hole of a place. Hell if David Bowie had shown up I would have sung along with him even. No instead we meet up with a pack of rampaging Minotaur freaks that would rape us and eat us, not in any particular order or at separate times.
After killing about 13 of them and making it look easy we took off running for cover, a few scores I can handle alone, but when we begin talking about swarms like mosquitoes on the bog having less numbers than these uglies, well its best to live and fight another day if you can. We found the center of the Labyrinth with out to much trouble. Daedalus is an alright feller, even if a little touched in the head. He can make a contraption like no other I will give him that. We spent some time hanging around his place just relaxing while Simon read through some books and what not. I learned how to make some fine brew in no time at all thanks to the inventor. Here we meet up with the Doc and a little latter his traveling companion, Nathan, who is all about wyrd and following its way. After recovering the book we needed there we began to fly off and had to beat down Icarus in an air battle to a nigh plunging death. It was pretty cool.

Honestly I expected the underworld to be hotter it wasn’t to bad really. We were of course attacked by a giant automaton outside of Hades’ palace. The molten hot lava spewing out onto me after I chopped into its neck was hot fer sure. I felt like a right done lobster I did. Thanks to the doc though I was back into the fight in no time. The blow was amazing though. With a deflective shoot to the spear from Ira the Automaton was defenseless. Simon punctured the things chest with a well aimed bullet and then Dmitri gave me a foothold when his arrow lodged into the hole. I jumped off of the things knee and swung up onto the arrow shaft, from there I raised my sword a cut deep into the throat of the machine.
All of this still didn’t make me sweat like dealing with the devil did. He came off first trying to convince us that we each owed him 326 souls for cost in damages, right pissed I was. But then I began negotiating in business terms as it were. He refused to hand over Alyssa at first and began bargaining for Johnny alone. I got him to open up with my smooth skills and soon we were bargaining for both souls. At one point I even made him wine with an invention given to me by Daedalus. This sparked a reaction that I didn’t expect, Hades offered to adopt me as his son, he might as well have hit me across the face. Not knowing what to do I took the offer of a mission for one soul and I would think on the adoption for the other. Deep down I am really hoping that the sun of Ireland will shine on me and lady luck will be giving me another way out of this barrel of rotten potatoes that I’m in.

Labyrinth to Hades
Entry 1: 5/18/2011

Alicia, my ex, often told me that I could go to hell. I suppose she should feel some sort of satisfaction now. The journey leading to my trip into the Underworld has been an interesting one, and one that I could not fully anticipate. My time in the Labyrinth has proven to be quite interesting and enlightening. After traveling for quite some time we came across the villa of Daedalus, the inventor. My time spent with him was quite entertaining and enlightening. In addition to receiving some very interesting and useful inventions from him, I was able to discover some very vital and important clues to our quest in his library. These fortuitous discoveries enabled us to find the Tome of Godly Lore , as well as several new traveling companions. They are a bit of a mystery still, though there company has proven quite useful thus far. We will have to see where things go from here.
After concluding our time in the Labyrinth, we proceeded on with our travels to the entrance of the Underworld, the Greek one that is. Such a drab place, no where near like what a true underworld should be. We passed by the traditional guardians and obstacles to Hades: Charon and Cerberus. It makes one wonder, whether all of the entrances to Hades are co-located, causing all travelers to follow the same path once they are inside, or if there are multiple entrances and Charons/Cerberus. I suppose only Hades knows.
Speaking of Hades, our negotiations with him were rather…interesting. Our as of the moment ‘leader’ charged in once again, with no plan of how to negotiate with Hades. If I wasn’t there I wouldn’t have been surprised if he had food and drink from the Underworld, thus falling into the same trap as Persephone. After some very close ‘negotiations’ we were finally able to settle on the price of one soul in exchange for a heroic quest. We are now on our way to disable a Titan forge, thus ending the automaton attacks that are being carried out on the underworld. While I have no particular love toward the Greeks and their ways, destroying this forge will prove to beneficial to all. Plus, it will allow Hades to focus upon his job more, hopefully restoring some more order to this world.

Ira's quiet reluctance

Honestly, since we got back from south America I’ve just been going through the motions. Katey is dead, along with the rest of the old crew. And as long as we’re being honest, I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this mission. I worked so hard to put them all in hell and now we’re down here trying to get them out. If Connor wasn’t like a brother to me there’s no way I’d be letting this happen. I know he loves her but she can’t be trusted. I’ve been temped to make a rescue attempt for my sweet Katey as well but truth be told she’d probably just belt me one and insist that she neither wanted nor needed my help. That’s just the way she is, prideful, don’t kneed anyone…at least thats what she wants you to think. Maybe I’ll do it anyway, prove to her once and for all that she doesn’t need to keep me at arms length. Of coarse I’d have to get my head out of my ass first, I’ve been all manner of outa sorts since we put everyone down here. Damn, my life has been nothin but one mess after another since the first time I stepped into the Lucky Clover, not that it was a thing o’ beauty before. Maybe some time down here in the underworld will do me some good, give me the chance to clear my head for a bit. Well I suppose we’re off then, to save Connor’s girl. Never did like her, but if it’s important to Connor then I’ll do it.

Dmitri and the Ties that Bind part 2
Log 2 Dad's Place is a mess

Well we made a deal with dad, went better then I thought it would. So we went off to complete are part of the deal. After a bit of travel we came to 3 people sitting on a throne. These people were the judge’s to determine where the dead would go, look’s like a dull job. With a few stores we got through and started going down a road to a place we would much rather not be. But a deal is a deal. after a lot of wondering and some encounters with a dead person and some harpies. Ira managed to get us some hints on where to go. We went to a place where there was a castle made out of mist. It was controlled by an old enemy of Ira. We managed to negotiate and he told us where the forge was and took us there. It seemed to easy he had to be up to something. After getting in the forge I did some scouting and found out that there are 26 Cyclops, just a little more then we can deal with. This is where Ira’s old enemy stabbed us in the back. He used hes army to take out the Cyclops and the kicked us out. how ever one of a party is the scion of Apollo we went back in and he made light come out of hes body. This drove off the dead and we blew the place up. After that we went back and gave the person who was running the forge to Hades in exchange for are other friend but there where some complications. Hades wants us to take out the leadership of an army first or the usurper as he is now called. This guy is trying to take over my dads place. Grated I haven’t known the guy that long, ok at all. But this makes me made this guy is going to…..die. You know when I think about it i’m not to sure how to take down a dead guy. Will figure something out.

Memoirs of McMillian: Conners War

Entry 2
It is one thing to get screwed over by your enemy, it’s another to be screwed over by your enemy after you killed him while he is screwing over one of your other enemies that is dead too. If it doesn’t make sense I understand, I am still a little pissed off about the whole thing anyways. A while ago when Ira and I first met up, we took out a useless git named Julian, a scion of Atlantis as it were. Well the bastard is down in Hades somehow and building an army. The two of us knew not to trust the skin full of shite but we hadn’t much of a choice. So after a wee dander through Hades that lasted the devil knows how long Ira had a prophecy that led us to the git’s castle. After negotiating as it were with the git we took off towards the tunnel to complete our part of the bargain with Hades. The trouble was that the forges were being controlled by Daniel and he had quite the few Cyclops on his side. Well the git used his army of ghost to take over the forges, he handed us Daniel, and then we were forced out, not much of a choice in all reality. Then, by holy Mary and Joseph, good Doc told us that he could light up like the sun itself and give us a chance to really give it to em. So, while the Doc lit up like BOB we nicked as many weapons as we could find and I blew the forge straight to hell. After blowing both ends of the tunnel and heading back to meet with Hades we were given Alyssa back. We were going to be as scarce as hen’s teeth after reaching an agreement of a trade for Daniel for Jonny when Hades decided that instead we would take out Julian, as his army was coming to join Hades for a pint, without an invitation. We will belt the git one more time and hand the hole to Hades and the bullocks with him.

Irratble Ira

The longer I’m down here the more I feel like the world will never go back to the way it was. Every moment in this hell hole feels like an eternity of rage and anger welling up inside me. Hades sent us on some bitch quest to plug a hole in one of his walls and take down a cyclops forge that was causing him some issues. We had to pass by some judges, old scions of Hades, to get to the uncontrolled parts of the underworld. They were easy enough to satisfy as Conner spun tales of myth and legend, at least that is how it seemed even knowing that the stories he told were of our own deeds. I have an unrelenting nagging feeling that we spent more time wandering around than we bargained for. We had a would be guide offer to take us directly to our destination but his price was to high so we passed. As we continued on we passed a castle of Atlantian design. Needles to say I was careful to give it a wide birth, not wanting to get involved in anything Atlantian. Finally I grew weary of our timeless march and consulted the bones. I threw down some centaur bones from labyrinth and set them ablaze. I watched as they cracked and popped in the twisted heat of the fire until the fire consumed itself. The bones cracked one final time and as I studied them I could feel something come over me. The prophecy didn’t just come to my mind as I read the bones like I expected, instead it was so much more. I could feel the power of The Morigan flowing through me, more strongly than usual. I could hear her voice overshadowing my own as a prophecy came forth from my lips, bestowing knowledge to myself and my friends of equal parts what must be done and what is to come. A chill ran down my spine as I realized that we had to go back to the castle…and ask that fucker Julian for help.

Thinking about what happened next makes my skin crawl so I’ll just cut to the chase. Fuckhead Julian betrayed us, we managed to destroy the forge and snag a few weapons, but not before Julian’s personal army had the chance to gear up. Now they’re on there way to battle for control of the underworld. And it’s up to us to me…up to US to stop him!

Dmitri and the Ties that Bind part 3
Log 3 Dad's Place is a mess part 2

On the way there I still was not sure how we were going to kill Julian, but as I don’t think we would normally have the ability to hurt spirits I figure my dad have that end covered. We just need to get there and kill him. We decided to just fly over so we could avoid the large army. We seen form the top of my dad’s building that Julian was camped near the river Styx. When we got closer we seen that there were several well armed cyclops around the command tent. With a bit of illusion and deception we got them to head to the front line of the war. This was seeming to be to easy this next fight was probably going to be hard. So I used an ability and made it so I could take more damage. At the Start of the fight Julian had the river styx over flow and tried to kill us with it. I though it was going to be a hard fight but I was not expecting this. Thanks to my wings I just flew up out of the water. As soon as we could all went for Julian. Conner charged forward and dealt a massive blow. It would have killed him out right if not for a backup that he had. Thats all right I thought it was a good recovery after the river thing that he did. The fight went on with all of us trying to kill him and him trying to kill us. For a bit I was thinking that he would be able to out last us as most of us couldn’t damage him. But are team work allowed us to over power him. After being hit by another strong blow by Conner and Ira (Conner being buffed by are new helper some friend of Ira’s) I jumped off of Conner’s sword and shot Julian through the heart.

With Julian dead my dad came out and stopped the rest of the army. It was cool to watch. When all was said and done my dad gave us a reward. Each of us got are own thing. I got my bow improved. Time to go home. It was interesting to see where my dad works and all but I don’t care to go back any time soon. However everything my dad gives comes with a price.

Scion Knacks

So, I finally got my comprehensive list of the Scion Knacks all done, and prettied up. However, I can’t seem to find a way to post it onto the forums here for all to download. If anyone has any ideas on how to do that, let me know. If not, send me your email addresses and I’ll email a copy to any who want it.
Next up: The Boons

Memoirs of McMillian: Conners War

Entry 3
Writing about the fighting is good and all, but really there was so much more to the end of our adventure than that. There was of course the loving on me sweet Alyssa after we got her back from Hades, the dancing and the party. Well I guess maybe it is best to be writing about the fighting after all, it was a good one. So the git, Julian, had himself a tent by the river of Styx way out from the battle, keeping to himself as it were. Really it is his style. The dandy never saw it coming. First I took on his shape and sent his personal guards to the front of the battle leaving him all alone but not defenseless, he put up quite the fight. As it turns out, he can control the River of Styx, and it really has a wallop, especially when you become a giant ice cube floating in it as it were. Then all of the sudden I was flung through the air and Julian was forced to break open the ice cube before I clobbered him, which I did anyways as soon as I was out of the damned thing. The finishing blow came from Dmitri’s arrow right through the git where he dropped dead, and good rid to rubbish.
The best part of the whole adventure was of course returning home to the Lucky Clover where I asked Alyssa to marry me and we had a great time celebrating as it were; looks like we will be off to help some bloke fix some problems with the Avalonian pantheon, but before that I’m getting hitched. Now that will be a great adventure!


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