Scion: Ties That Bind

All boys become men.
All men make tough choices

This is the end of the line for us. We have flaunted our powers, teased the titans, mocked the gods. We have dug a hole to play in and Loki is burying us alive in it. The fun is over. We thought to mess with fate, I thought to control it. We stand on the eve of a new era in the pantheons. Our decisions to come will decide where we stand amongst them. Loki will not win this war. Not till Ragnarok has come. We will simply ride the tide of fate, we shall take our fates into our own hands and strengthen them. The enemy cannot escape destiny, they cannot escape me. It is time to pull an army together, time for someone to make the tough decisions. Its time to bring Julian back. I need to break into hell, and Ira is gonna be pissed.

Enough is enough

You know, I thought I would have been happy to be rid of the Morigan. But as I stood there choking on my own icor, watching my world fall apart around me I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t let her just die like that knowing that I could save her. Especially if it meant the chance to be a thorn in Loki and Mordred’s side. As we fled Avalon I almost felt guilty for leaving Merlin behind. Almost. If it weren’t for the hubris of that man, well lets just say we’d all be a little better off. He might have been powerful but he was a damn fool. Just don’t tell Aurthur I said that. Remind me to keep someone around when I’m in the upper echelon’s of my pantheon that can remind me to not be an old codger too set in my ways to listen to anyone else that might know better. Of coarse that’s my beef with the current status of the gods in general.

It’s true that I have reliable allies, (few though they be in number) but I am afraid I have spent far too much time playing errand boy and as a result my personal army is a paltry 5 strong and not a commander among them. I was hoping to have several units under my command before something like this happened. I’m afraid we are little more than a single mercenary unit at this point. The timing of this whole thing sucks worse than Connor’s first batch of brew. If only I had had more time to put my affairs in order this would have been the opportunity I was looking for. Maybe with our rag tag crew we’ll be able to make some waves and shake some foundries. With a little bit ’o luck, people might just give a fuck who we are after this.

You cant quit family

So now not only has my sister been a pain in the ass but she has officially cost me 2 million dollars, this is a large sum of money for some of us…. Thankfully i got a loan of 500k from Conner. Which after seeing the bar blow up i kinda feel sorry for taking it. We cant be sure who did it but I know who might be able to help us, it has helped us before…it, i mean she….kind of. Also i wonder if i (mutters magic research babble). Hmm maybe It…she can help with that too, i just need to keep her on a short leash. Little do they know what is coming, but you cant escape fate.

Memoirs of McMillian: Conners War

So if you ever come across someone random saying they are waiting to help you and take you to the place that needs getting to, its probably Loki and he is going to screw you over. Just saying. After the bastard tricked us he sent us back in time. Lucky for us Ira’s sister was there and took us over to Ireland. Here of course we found me da and got him to help us get back to the future, as it were. I will tell you this, telling me da that I was his son 800 years in the future was interesting. In the end we came across a fella who looked like a leprechaun and he sent us home, it was a fun little adventure and we saved the Irish pantheon to boot!

Loki's A Bitch

Why does Loki gotta be a little bitch? Complaining about having to helping the Tuatha? well guess what ass hole, I’ve spent most of my time as a scion worrying about other peoples problems and you don’t hear me bitching about it. Admittedly it was pretty dumb for me to attack Loki head on like that, fortunately for me his overwhelming cowardice kicked in. You know for someone that thinks we are pantheon is to week to even let exist he sure is afraid of our scions, who for all intents and purposes are little more than foot soldiers in the war against the titans. From what I can gather it must of been Loki that orchestrated the death of Conner. A rather infuriating bit of news, though offset by Lugh’s suggestion that we might be getting Conner back. Which, by the way…he insulted the Morigan to my face…not quite sure how I feel about that. On the one hand, I have no doubt that she is every bit deserving of the way he spoke about her, on the other hand she is my mother. I can’t help but wonder how (if at all) she has changed over all these years (all 800 of them since I had the chance to speak briefly with Lugh.)

You know while I loath Loki for what he did I have to say, it was a rather unique experience that he gave to us through his cowardice and treachery. It was good to be able to see our home in the time that the gods resided upon the face of the land. Plus it felt good to see the dumbfounded look on Loki’s face when his trap for Lugh didn’t go off as planned.

Can't catch a break

First of all, I’m tired of these mother f-ing giants in my mother f-ing territory!

“Attention Scions:

Looking for a few like minded individuals to help keep Utah giant free. This is a pro bono gig though I can keep you supplied in booze, and if we work well together and things become more long term housing may become available as well. Other than that I can promise that you won’t have a dull moment (as I haven’t had one since taking up my duties as a Scion.) If interested head down to the Lucky Clover located on Center St in Provo and ask for either Connor or Ira. Serious applicants only."

Sand Box came to us with another job. I’m starting to see a pattern with this guy. I think he outsources whenever he knows he is in way over his head. Next time I see him remind me to tell him he can stick where the sand doesn’t blow. So remember that little ol’ Chinese dude from South America? Ya, he showed up again. After we went through all the trouble of steeling those F-ing relics from the F-ing frost giant he waltz’s right in and makes monkeys out of us. Of coarse Sand Box was no help at all. Turns out he can talk the talk but not walk the walk, and he can’t even do that much when faced with any real opposition. Paid or not we’ve gotta get those relics back for the pride of the Tuatha De’ Dannan!

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas
and its never anything good

When you take a jet to vegas that belongs to a movie star scion and people who are tied to you start homing in on your location, its not gonna be someone you wanna see. Our groom to be had to pass a few tests to get his bride, this was, well lets say it was overly dramatic, what do you expect though. On a side note i think i might start wearing an unbuttoned shirt with tie, that might look cool. Anyways, after the test there was an awesome wedding where i completed my “dads” most recent test and got the kiss. who has two thumbs and is made of win…..THIS GUY!

Journal update:
So my real dad stopped by tonight, apparently he hasn’t been to happy over my adoption. he decided to take me back and teach me a thing or two. This includes baby sitting my sister. we are in so much trouble. Last time i had to baby sit her i ended up in the middle of the desert during a jihad, naked. Why doesn’t anything ever go smoothly.

After the Underworld
The right way to party

Well it was nice to be out of Underworld. don’t get me wrong my dad’s place is nice and all but a lot of things were a little gloomy. But hay were out know and Conner is getting married. I guess that is a good thing. The bachelor party that Johnny through was amazing. although some of it is a bit of a blur. After the party was over we got put through some test by what turned out to be Pan. The test was easier than I though. O’well we passed not clear as to how but we did. Johnny’s party was great but the party after the wedding was better. although I think I might have stared at Aphrodite a little to much. I don’t think you could blame me on that though she is very beautiful. That party eventually came to an end and we all went to sleep. In the middle of the night we all got woken up by what turned out to be Odin. He was very unhappy…that is probably not a strong enough word, he was pissed. After reaming his son up one side and down 3 others he told all of us that we where worthless and that we are going to watch his daughter. So baby sitting some one how is on the verge of becoming a goddess of assassins will make us better scions. Well I don’t see how but this is not the guy you want to argue with, so time to baby sit where is my box.

Seamus and the Unfinished Task

It feels so good to have finished my fathers task……..or at least to put it off for better things, I think he will understand. Ran into Ira in the underworld today and found out that he got smart and left Julian as well. Later that day we got to kill Julian again, ah i never tire of seeing him dieing, or just in a miserable state. He made some new friends since the last time we had seen each other, they seem to be on the up and up, though the other Irish Scion bugs me. He is a nice enough guy and i like him but the odds of 3 of us being together at once is astronomical. But to make everything fair i decided to give him a wedding present. I hope he loves here because the threads that bind them will last longer than even their eternal bodies. Another good thing is the lucky clover is still around and my free drinks for life still stands! Now off to get hammered…….and see if the artifact room is still there.

Ira's New Crew

So it would seam that my re-found moral fortitude has paid off. I might have become like him had I not turned myself around. I might have been right here fighting for Julian on the front lines getting my ass handed to me by a rag tag bunch of snot nosed scions. It was good (if not a bit odd and entirely unexpected) to see a familiar face down in the underworld. Though I must say that it is good to know that I wasn’t the only one that abandoned the idea of following in Julian’s footsteps. Connor dying must have had the same effect on him that it had on me. I wish I had a picture of Julian’s face in those last moments as our team took down the last bastard of Atlantis yet again.

So Hades was rather appreciative of our services. We got both Alysa and Johny back as well as a new friend from our cousin pantheon. Hades also gave us personalized gifts. There no shin-obi but I’ve got myself some followers again. One step closer to following in the footsteps of dear ol’ ma. I’ll build my army at any cost. Well, almost any cost. One thing that I can say has had a positive effect on me since discovering my birthright was learning the value of dear friends. Friends that you would lay your life down for. Not just to save theres but simply to make there life worth livin. To do what you had to do to make things right.

Well, I’ve gotta go see a man about some strippers. How else is Connor supposed to know that Alysa is the one if he can’t withstand a little temptation before the wedding day.


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