Connor McMillian

Fun, tough, and charming if you see him walking towards you and smiling the question is, “will he offer me a drink or shoot me in the face?” The answer is, which do you deserve most.


Conner McMillian, the son of Lugh, is 28 years old. He is Irish through and through with brown hair and a touch of red at the roots and tips. His scruff that he almost always has is a bright red that any Irishman could be proud of. He stands about 6 feet 2 inches and has a muscular but slightly leaner build. He is quick to smile with a quirky half smile that always catches the eye. Conner’s voice is low and carries well but is can have a soft tone that one would expect in a loving father. As the son of Lugh, Conner is a jack of all trades, protector of friends, and quick to fight and laugh. He enjoys charming a crowd and looking cool but will lay someone out as soon as it is needed.


Conner grew up in the hills of Ireland. His mother died when he was young so he was mostly raised by his uncle Flynn. Conner’s only true friend was Finn his dog, a gift from his father when he was born and the only proof that his father knew of his existence. Conner spent most of his younger years causing trouble and playing in the woods. When he wasn’t being the hero of his own little world Conner helped his uncle around the family pub. It was here that Conner began to hone his natural skill at brewery. At the age of 14 Conner won the national Irish brewing competition. Two days later Conner found his uncle was murdered at the pub, finishing off Conner’s finest brew to date.
Time passed quickly after that. Conner soon stood out as one of the most dashing men in Ireland and one of the smoothest. He finished school while running the pub late into the night. He took to racing his motorcycle on good days and on bad ones he often found himself in Dublin in a fight of at least 3 against him. Somehow he stayed under the radar and never found himself in to much trouble. Shortly after turning 18 he opened his own brewery and was a millionaire within the year. From here Conner drifted from day to night and night to day, always trying to find what was missing from his life. From empty moonlight to waiting beds with empty hearts he passed almost yen years knowing that something was not right. He did find two important things in this time, the ability to laugh in the hardest times, and a deep love for creating drink.
Then wyrd finally worked its way and Conner met Ira, a Scion who introduced Conner to the reality that Conner was missing something from his life, in fact Conner was meant for more, Conner is the son of a god.

Connor McMillian

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