Scion: Ties That Bind

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

and its never anything good

When you take a jet to vegas that belongs to a movie star scion and people who are tied to you start homing in on your location, its not gonna be someone you wanna see. Our groom to be had to pass a few tests to get his bride, this was, well lets say it was overly dramatic, what do you expect though. On a side note i think i might start wearing an unbuttoned shirt with tie, that might look cool. Anyways, after the test there was an awesome wedding where i completed my “dads” most recent test and got the kiss. who has two thumbs and is made of win…..THIS GUY!

Journal update:
So my real dad stopped by tonight, apparently he hasn’t been to happy over my adoption. he decided to take me back and teach me a thing or two. This includes baby sitting my sister. we are in so much trouble. Last time i had to baby sit her i ended up in the middle of the desert during a jihad, naked. Why doesn’t anything ever go smoothly.



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