Scion: Ties That Bind

Seamus and the Unfinished Task

It feels so good to have finished my fathers task……..or at least to put it off for better things, I think he will understand. Ran into Ira in the underworld today and found out that he got smart and left Julian as well. Later that day we got to kill Julian again, ah i never tire of seeing him dieing, or just in a miserable state. He made some new friends since the last time we had seen each other, they seem to be on the up and up, though the other Irish Scion bugs me. He is a nice enough guy and i like him but the odds of 3 of us being together at once is astronomical. But to make everything fair i decided to give him a wedding present. I hope he loves here because the threads that bind them will last longer than even their eternal bodies. Another good thing is the lucky clover is still around and my free drinks for life still stands! Now off to get hammered…….and see if the artifact room is still there.



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