Scion: Ties That Bind

Ira's New Crew

So it would seam that my re-found moral fortitude has paid off. I might have become like him had I not turned myself around. I might have been right here fighting for Julian on the front lines getting my ass handed to me by a rag tag bunch of snot nosed scions. It was good (if not a bit odd and entirely unexpected) to see a familiar face down in the underworld. Though I must say that it is good to know that I wasn’t the only one that abandoned the idea of following in Julian’s footsteps. Connor dying must have had the same effect on him that it had on me. I wish I had a picture of Julian’s face in those last moments as our team took down the last bastard of Atlantis yet again.

So Hades was rather appreciative of our services. We got both Alysa and Johny back as well as a new friend from our cousin pantheon. Hades also gave us personalized gifts. There no shin-obi but I’ve got myself some followers again. One step closer to following in the footsteps of dear ol’ ma. I’ll build my army at any cost. Well, almost any cost. One thing that I can say has had a positive effect on me since discovering my birthright was learning the value of dear friends. Friends that you would lay your life down for. Not just to save theres but simply to make there life worth livin. To do what you had to do to make things right.

Well, I’ve gotta go see a man about some strippers. How else is Connor supposed to know that Alysa is the one if he can’t withstand a little temptation before the wedding day.



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