Scion: Ties That Bind

Enough is enough

You know, I thought I would have been happy to be rid of the Morigan. But as I stood there choking on my own icor, watching my world fall apart around me I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t let her just die like that knowing that I could save her. Especially if it meant the chance to be a thorn in Loki and Mordred’s side. As we fled Avalon I almost felt guilty for leaving Merlin behind. Almost. If it weren’t for the hubris of that man, well lets just say we’d all be a little better off. He might have been powerful but he was a damn fool. Just don’t tell Aurthur I said that. Remind me to keep someone around when I’m in the upper echelon’s of my pantheon that can remind me to not be an old codger too set in my ways to listen to anyone else that might know better. Of coarse that’s my beef with the current status of the gods in general.

It’s true that I have reliable allies, (few though they be in number) but I am afraid I have spent far too much time playing errand boy and as a result my personal army is a paltry 5 strong and not a commander among them. I was hoping to have several units under my command before something like this happened. I’m afraid we are little more than a single mercenary unit at this point. The timing of this whole thing sucks worse than Connor’s first batch of brew. If only I had had more time to put my affairs in order this would have been the opportunity I was looking for. Maybe with our rag tag crew we’ll be able to make some waves and shake some foundries. With a little bit ’o luck, people might just give a fuck who we are after this.



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