Scion: Ties That Bind

Can't catch a break

First of all, I’m tired of these mother f-ing giants in my mother f-ing territory!

“Attention Scions:

Looking for a few like minded individuals to help keep Utah giant free. This is a pro bono gig though I can keep you supplied in booze, and if we work well together and things become more long term housing may become available as well. Other than that I can promise that you won’t have a dull moment (as I haven’t had one since taking up my duties as a Scion.) If interested head down to the Lucky Clover located on Center St in Provo and ask for either Connor or Ira. Serious applicants only."

Sand Box came to us with another job. I’m starting to see a pattern with this guy. I think he outsources whenever he knows he is in way over his head. Next time I see him remind me to tell him he can stick where the sand doesn’t blow. So remember that little ol’ Chinese dude from South America? Ya, he showed up again. After we went through all the trouble of steeling those F-ing relics from the F-ing frost giant he waltz’s right in and makes monkeys out of us. Of coarse Sand Box was no help at all. Turns out he can talk the talk but not walk the walk, and he can’t even do that much when faced with any real opposition. Paid or not we’ve gotta get those relics back for the pride of the Tuatha De’ Dannan!



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