Scion: Ties That Bind

All boys become men.

All men make tough choices

This is the end of the line for us. We have flaunted our powers, teased the titans, mocked the gods. We have dug a hole to play in and Loki is burying us alive in it. The fun is over. We thought to mess with fate, I thought to control it. We stand on the eve of a new era in the pantheons. Our decisions to come will decide where we stand amongst them. Loki will not win this war. Not till Ragnarok has come. We will simply ride the tide of fate, we shall take our fates into our own hands and strengthen them. The enemy cannot escape destiny, they cannot escape me. It is time to pull an army together, time for someone to make the tough decisions. Its time to bring Julian back. I need to break into hell, and Ira is gonna be pissed.



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