Scion: Ties That Bind

After the Underworld

The right way to party

Well it was nice to be out of Underworld. don’t get me wrong my dad’s place is nice and all but a lot of things were a little gloomy. But hay were out know and Conner is getting married. I guess that is a good thing. The bachelor party that Johnny through was amazing. although some of it is a bit of a blur. After the party was over we got put through some test by what turned out to be Pan. The test was easier than I though. O’well we passed not clear as to how but we did. Johnny’s party was great but the party after the wedding was better. although I think I might have stared at Aphrodite a little to much. I don’t think you could blame me on that though she is very beautiful. That party eventually came to an end and we all went to sleep. In the middle of the night we all got woken up by what turned out to be Odin. He was very unhappy…that is probably not a strong enough word, he was pissed. After reaming his son up one side and down 3 others he told all of us that we where worthless and that we are going to watch his daughter. So baby sitting some one how is on the verge of becoming a goddess of assassins will make us better scions. Well I don’t see how but this is not the guy you want to argue with, so time to baby sit where is my box.



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